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Silver Bullet Non-Alcoholic Sanitizer (30ml)
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Product info:
- Nano silver disinfectant that is gentle on surface and provides up to 24 hours protection from virus, bacteria, fungi and many other pathogens
- Alcohol free


- Patent pending Stanasil technology that provides the highest concentration nano silver sanitizer at 70ppm for better coverage (can be used for hard to reach spot where pathogens grow. eg: tiny cracks, crevices)
- High efficacy (kills 99.99% of pathogens)
- Moisturising & longer efficacy (Nano Alpha-10) 
- Added extra moisturiser (to prevent skin dryness)
- Non-flammable (no alcohol)
- Non-toxic (safe for ingestion)


Suitable for:
- Sanitizing skin, hair, eyes and even throat (*do not spray directly into eyes)
- Storing in car (non-flammable)
- Sensitive skin (added moisturizer)
- Travelling (Pocket-sized)

What's in the box

1x Silver Bullet Non-Alcoholic Sanitizer (30ml)