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Vitamin D updates




"Alzheimer hits silently.

You can't seem to recall back the seemingly important moments in your life.

You can't seem to remember where you place your wedding rings, or even, whether you have had your breakfast.

The person you once loved the most, you feel so familiar yet is a stranger to you.

It hits.

It changes us and our life completely.

Personality, motor movement, judgement, mood.

Let's prevent that.

Even if we can't cure, we can still care.



Together, cherishing the moments. Past, Present, and the Future."





May the glow of the moon surround you and light your way to great health, happiness and prosperity. Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 







Vitamin D Can Protect You From Severe Infection (The Risks of Contracting Covid-19)

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"...It is evident from the preceding discussion that vitamin D3 may be of benefit in COVID-19. Since the higher plasma concentrations of vitamin D3 is better for the protection from various viral and respiratory infections, it is reasonable to suggest that regular supplementation of vitamin D3 to those who are at high risk of developing various viral respiratory infections including COVID-19 need to considered seriously..."

WHO has just published a study on 'Neem a possible silver bullet in COVID 19'

A few link of "Neem" Articles

Research supports NEEM in tackling viral infections and with the current variants outbreak, BITREEN®️ is critical to be part of the new norm. Take BITREEN®️ daily, for you and your loved ones.