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Switch On 60's (Exp:11/21)
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Size (L x W x H) 20 cm x 20 cm x 15 cm
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World’s highest yield Sulforaphane product (15mg/g)


Switch-On is pure broccoli sprout power and not broccoli extract (No chemical involved to extract the active ingredient). Switch-On turns on your defensive genes (more than 200 genes) and turn off your bad genes responsible for inflammation.


1. Switch On your defence system (Turn on more than 200 protective genes in your body)
2. Turn off bad genes responsible for inflammation
3. Activates key enzymes in liver detoxification
4. Highest yield of Sulforaphane (15mg/g)
5. Stimulate cellular defence mechanism
6. Suitable for people with diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
7. Preliminary studies showed that it can treat Autism


Suitable for:
1. People with fatty liver, diabetes and metabolic syndrome
2. Boosting overall health and improve immune system
3. Antioxidant & protection of genes
4. Increase metabolism
5. Prevents inflammation
6. Increasing energy level