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5 essential products you need during this pandemic!

  • Bonex: Maintain stronger bones and joint while staying at home.
  • Forti-5 + Protec: A combination of Protec & Forti-5 (1/2 to 1 teaspoon with a sachet of Forti-5) helps strengthen your immunity better! Uses: Forti-5 for daily consumption, add addition teaspoon of Protec when feeling sick
  • Solumeric:  World's first 100% water soluble turmeric, poses great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammation properties, also known to help greatly strengthen the immunity.
  • Silver Bullet: Several studies showing the efficacy of nano silver against Covid. Since the ancient time, nano silver has been used for anti-microbial properties, some doctors also used nano silver to treat wounds to prevent infection.